Surrey Hypnosis

 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,MBSCH  GHR reg.


Most people who suffer with anxiety and depression tend to feel at their lowest during the mid winter time. Possibly long ago in our evolutionist past us humans would have hibernated during those long dark days. Perhaps our species should still be resting and sleeping a lot more at that time of the year rather than pushing ourselves through the artificial light to just keep going. The world has cycles, cold to hot, winter to summer. Our bodies are part of our world and maybe need that type of cycle as well. Our modern world has forced us to continually keep going even when it is time to slow down and rest. I have recently had to see more people than normal to help them relax and rid them of their anxieties - and it's mid summer. Obviously we cannot turn the clock back to times where you were forced by nature to rest. The point is to enjoy and work hard but most importantly, to rest and rest well.
If anyone is having difficulty with sleep or just cannot relax, then maybe I can help you with a pure relaxation session

Kevin White