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Surrey Hypnosis

 Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,MBSCH  GHR reg.

Kevin White

90% Success rate of using Hypnosis for Driving Test Nerves

This is an extract taken from the Daily Telegraph October 2009. The names have been removed to protect privacy.

I've failed my driving test four times, but I am a good driver. I know I am.

My first three attempts were total disasters with lots of points awarded against me, mainly for speeding  and lack of observation.

My fourth attempt was again another disaster as I drove out of the test centre when it wasn't clear to join the major road. The examiner who'd previously witnessed my girl-racer act now had to deal with a childish tantrum as I got out, slammed the door and shouted, "Leave me alone!"

Something had to be done, and after hearing about the reputed 90 per cent success rate of using hypnosis, I made an appointment to see a hypnotherapist.

After assuring me that I wasn't going to dance like a chicken – "trances" are actually states of deep relaxation in which subjects retain their own will – He set to work, guiding my breathing and using subliminal suggestions to combat my fears. My mind cleared and, as I repeated his words, success seemed possible.

I left, eager to practice the breathing exercises and "affirmations" and noticed that, for once, I was looking people in the eye. My friend remarked on an increased confidence in my driving.

A fortnight later on the day before my test I had a second hypnotherapy session, which concentrated on visualizing a positive result. The next morning I was met by the long-suffering examiner I'd had twice before. He probably wanted to flee more than I did. But this time I calmly dismissed my fears and focused only on the road ahead.

About 40 minutes later we arrived back at the test centre where - to my unbelievable  joy - the visualization in my hypnotherapy sessions became reality, and I passed.

I seized the certificate the teenage me had once craved and headed out to celebrate on that old favourite, rum and Coke


Hello Kevin
I just wanted to tell you something as I am so totally amazed and pleased with myself!
 Last week my father had an appt in West Middlesex hospital. So I had to drive him. His appt was 6pm. We left at 4.30pm in case of traffic as it was through Kingston, Twickenham  towards Hounslow. I totally amazed myself as it was a route I have never driven, I did not know what to expect on route & it was in the rush hour….anyway I drove there, was calm and not edgy like I usually would have been. I was totally in control and drove there and back with no problem.

 I was so pleased and still cannot believe I did it.

 Thank you so much for your help and I hope to continue.

 best wishes

Susan (Claygate)


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